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 I'm happy. I'm not sad.


 January ~ December


 Put on my shoes. Take off my jacket.

 I can swim. How about you?

 Are you sleepy?

 I want to eat pizza.

 I want pizza.

 I like to play games.

 Square table. Red dress.


 How is the weather today? Is it hot?


 wake up/brush teeth/eat breakfast/go to bed

 Two bananas please. How much?

 This is my mother. This is my sister.




 I'm going to sleep.

・want/want to / like to/likeを使い分けられます

 I have a candy in my pocket.

・want/ want to / like to / likeを使い分けられます

 I want to be a doctor.

 Can  I have two tomatoes? How much is this?

・I'm eating dinner at a restaurant.

 Ankle/thigh/belly button

 Take a bath. Climb a ladder. Take a medicine.



 I like to play the piano, because it's fun.

 Don't run in the library. Please sit down.

 Go straight and turn left.

 How much is this? Do
 you have a bigger one?






 I am going to study English.


 You must go to the hospital.


 The ball is behind the sofa.


 I want to be a dentist. What do you want to be?


 Do you have another color? Can I have coffee?


 I like to play tennis. I like playing tennis.


 I cooking in the kitchen.


 I went to the library to borrow books.




 Look for/Look at/Look like/Look up


 This is my mother. She is funny and kind.


 I can ski. What can you do?




 I like to play 


 Go straight and cross two traffic lights.


 I went to the park. I ate sushi.


 I sometimes go swimming. 




 I'm eating sushi. He was playing the guitar.






 I went to the park with my friend to play soccer.


 Must/Will/Shall/Can/May/Should etc.


 Where did you go yesterday? Did you see her?


 She may come to this party.


 It is interesting for me to eat snakes.


 How long does it take? How was school?


 My hair is longer than yours. 


 I sometimes sleep on the sofa.


 Can I try this on? Do you have a bigger one?


 Go straight and turn left at the second corner.


 I drank milk. I studied English.


 Have you ever eaten pizza?


 Take a nap/Wake up/Change clothes


 I was cute when I was young.




 What are you good at?


 This cake was made by my brother.



 I'm not/Don't/Aren't


 I gave my mother a new neckless.



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